Comparison of adjectives

Comparison of adjectives

Резултат теста

1. Travelling by car is fast. Travelling by train is faster. Travelling by plane is _____________.

2. This hotel is big, but Grand Hotel is __________ and the airport hotel is the biggest.

3. Jim is more interested in music _______ in sports.

4. Your bike is so dirty. It's __________ than mine.

5. Ben's story is the ___________

6. I like hamburgers. They are even ____________ than cheeseburgers.

7. Berlin is ________________ city in Europe.

8. The cows on the farm were ___________ than the sheep.

9. Jake arrived at school much _____________ than the teacher.

10. The spaghetti were __________ than the hamburger.

11. It rained all day. It was the ___________ day of the holiday.

12. The ___________ street for shopping is Oxford Street.

13. The blue car is ___________ than the red one. The green one is ___________ .

14. Autumn is ___________ than summer. Winter is _________ season.

15. French is ______ than English. German is the _______ subject.