Енглески језик: The First Conditional – тест (7.р.) (8.р.)

Енглески језик: The First Conditional

Резултат теста

1. They _____ (ring) us if we give them our phone number.

2. If the Spanish team ______ (get) to the final match, they will be the World Champions.

3. If the weather __________ (not / improve), we _________ (not / have) a picnic.

4. She _______ (not be) a teacher if she doesn't go to university.

5. If he ______ (play) sport, he will live longer.

6. If we _________ (wait) here, we _________ (be) late.

7. If we ______ (not solve) the problem, we won't get the prize.

8. If you __________ (get) back late, I _________ (be) angry.

9. If you _______ (go) to see the film, you will have a good time.

10. First Conditional користимо када нешто што урадимо сада има резулатата у будућности.

11. If we ________ (go) on holiday this summer, we ________ (go) to Spain.

12. If we ______ (sing) some carols, they will be happy.

13. If I ______ (be) in a supermarket, I will keep 6 feet distance.

14. If he _______ (come), I _______ (be) surprised.

15. If I _____ (sneeze), I will throw my tissue in the trash.

16. Употреби Први кондиционал: If I _________ (go) out tonight, I __________(go) to the cinema.

17. If we _________ (not / see) each other tomorrow, we _______ (see) each other next week.

18. If you _____ (help) me, I will give you a lot of money.