Енглески језик: a little / little / a few / few – тест (7.р.)

Енглески језик: a little / little / a few / few

Резултат теста

1. Julie gave us _______ apples from her garden. Shall we share them?

2. There are _______ people she really trusts. It's a bit sad.

3. I have _______ water left. There's enough to share.

4. There's _______ milk left in the fridge. It should be enough for our coffee.

5. It's a great pity, but the hospital has _______ medicine.

6. Do you need information on English grammar? I have _______ books on the topic if you would like to borrow them.

7. London has _______ sunshine in the winter.

8. We've got _______ time at the weekend. Would you like to meet?

9. _______ children from this school go on to university, unfortunately.

10. I've got _______ cakes to give away. Would you like one?

11. I have _______ good friends. I'm not lonely.

12. There are _______ women politicians in the UK.

13. She has _______ self-confidence. She has a lot of trouble talking to new people.

14. He has _______ education. He can't read or write, and he can hardly count.

15. She's lucky. She has _______ problems.