English – Grammar

English – Grammar

Резултат теста

1. What is the action verb in this sentence? The eagle built a nest in the top branches of the tree.

2. What is the adjective in this sentence? Frank will finish the massive book in his backpack.

3. Complete the sentence with the correct conjunction. Andy plays the violin well, _____ the trumpet is his favorite instrument.

4. n the example sentence what is the action verb? Shelia asked her teacher "can i have a lollipop?"

5. Which sentence does not contain any adjectives?

6. How many adjectives are in this example sentence. My best friend lives in a giant house on top of a big green hill.

7. My mom works at a school, __ she takes me with her in the mornings.

8. Mark and Sam said that ___ have to go to school on Friday.

9. What is the correct pronoun for the sentence below? Julie was going to the store when ___ fell off of her bike.