Енглески језик: The Passive: All tenses – тест

Енглески језик: The Passive: All tenses (Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Perfect, Modals, Future Simple…)

Резултат теста

1. Her boyfriend will install it.

2. Sheila is drinking a cup of tea.

3. Had Dorothy solved the problems?

4. She bought four apples.

5. The man stole the blue car.

6. I have eaten a hamburger.

7. You were not driving him home.

8. My father is washing the car.

9. Most African governments protect rhinos.

10. Emma was watering the flowers.

11. Had she solved the problem?

12. We were watching a movie.

13. Jane will buy a new computer.

14. Was she reading these lines?

15. Somebody cleans the office every day.

16. I had worn blue shoes.

17. The police arrested the thieves.

18. Has she phoned him?

19. He doesn't expect us to offer him the job.

20. We have cycled five miles.