Енглески језик: Relative pronouns – тест (8.р.)

Енглески језик: Relative pronouns (that, where, which, who, whose, why, when)

Резултат теста

1. The new movie is about a boy _____________ has lost his parents in a car accident.

2. My sister was born at a time _____________ my dad was out of work.

3. Did you write back to the person _____________ offered you a job?

4. That's the book _____________ I recommended reading in class.

5. My dad, _____________ travels a lot on business, is in Australia at the moment.

6. There are several reasons _____________ I am not allowed to give you any information.

7. Is this the hotel _____________ you are staying for the tournament?

8. Where is the money _____________ I gave you yesterday?

9. The tennis court _____________ they usually play is currently not available.

10. It was midnight _____________ the first rescue team arrived at the scene of the accident.

11. That's the man _____________ I spoke to the other day.

12. He is the young man, _____________ wife left him for someone else.

13. We stayed at the famous Rockstar hotel, _____________ also had an indoor swimming pool.

14. The DVD recorder _____________ I bought at this store a few days ago is not working.

15. The story is about a young woman _____________ 5-year old son suddenly disappears.