Енглески језик: Past Simple and Past Continuous – тест (8.р.)

Енглески језик: Past Simple and Past Continuous

Резултат теста

1. Yesterday morning, I ____ (get up), ______ (go) swimming, and ______ (have) shower before 8 o'clock.

2. _____ you _____ (enjoy) your trip to Amsterdam.

3. What __________(you/do) this time last year?

4. I ________ (not/call) you at 9 o'clock as arranged because I was having a meeting.

5. I _______ (take) photos of buildings in Amsterdam while the tour guide______ (tell) us the story of the history.

6. While I ______ (study) , I suddenly _____ (fall) sleepy.

7. We _______ (visit) all the famous sights in Amsterdam.

8. While Tom __________ (read) , Amely __________(watch) a documentary on TV.

9. I ___________ (still/sleep) when my wife left for work this morning.

10. Why did you bring your umbrella? __________ (it/rain) when you left home?

11. I saw a car crash when I _________(wait) for the taxi.

12. Tom _________(have) long hair and a beard when he was at university.

13. I ___________(watch) TV when she ________ (call) me.

14. It started snowing while I ________ (drive) to work.

15. My sister _________ (cut) her finger while she was chopping some vegetables.