Енглески језик: Irregular verbs (Present Perfect) – тест (6.р.)

Енглески језик: Irregular verbs (Present Perfect)

Резултат теста

1. We're late, the game has already ______.

2. I found your grammar book under the table. I've ______ (put) it away on the bookshelf.

3. In the last few years, it has ______ (become) more and more difficult to get into college.

4. I was so exhausted after the exam that I ______ (sleep) for twelve hours.

5. Jack's out of breath because he's ______ (run) all the way from the bus terminal.

6. I've never ______ (feel) so good!

7. Someone has ______ (steal) my bicycle!

8. Have you ______ (hear) about the accident?

9. It's so hot that I've ______ (drink) five cans of Coke already this afternoon.

10. Stewart hasn't ______ (show) up yet. He must have been delayed.

11. She's never ______ (swim) in the sea before.

12. Have you ______ (sell) your car yet?

13. Gerry has ______ (teach) English at school for many years.

14. You've ______ (eat) my lunch! How dare you!

15. How many pages have you ______ (write) for your homework?

16. The price of oil has ______ (fall) rapidly since January.

17. I've ______ (lose) my pet. Have you seen it?