Making Sense

Making Sense

Резултат теста

1. A strange image ______ in my dreams over and over again. I don't know what it means.

2. The fans say the singers ________ them by leaving the stage after only five minutes of performance.

3. You have to calm down. Please take a __________________ and try to get up.

4. The mayor is trying hard to improve his ____________.

5. Why didn't you _______ the officer that the suspect wasn't there?

6. I don't know what happened to Sally. She didn't eat or drink. She didn't speak with anyone and seemed really ___________ to leave.

7. There is a strong ______ that Clinton will be our next president.

8. There is no ____________ for stupidity.

9. The problem today is that everyone has many ______ friends but only few real ones.

10. He ________ her but she knew he was lying. She believe he just wanted to get something.

11. His former boss wrote that he's efficient and ______ worker but I don't agree with him.

12. My son is very ______ to his cousins. I don't know how to tell him that they are moving to Spain.

13. My friend found a bag with a _____ amount of money in it. He is now looking for the owner.

14. Listen to me! I want you to watch over him and never __________________. .

15. Call her and tell her to _____ right now! She didn't bring me my cookies!

16. I have so many things to do and ___________.

17. You need a password to ________ this room.

18. The dog _________ even though it had no food and no water.

19. My grandmother always used to tell me that I should never ________ hope.

20. _________________ ,we can't come to your wedding.

21. Was that Leah? I didn't even ______ her! What on earth happened to her?

22. Haven't the Jewish people ______________ enough?

23. She never participates in school ______ and she never tells anyone why.

24. Ok kids! Today we are going to learn the Past Perfect Progressive. I need you to ____________________ to everything I say!

25. Rori is a very _______ girl. She looks beautiful in every picture.