Енглески језик: Иницијални тест (8.р.)

Енглески језик: Иницијални тест

Резултат теста

1. While Tom __________ (read) , Amely __________(watch) a documentary on TV.

2. "She's living in Paris for a few months." -She said she was living in Paris for a few months.

3. I ________ (not/call) you at 9 o'clock as arranged because I was having a meeting.

4. She ____________ (be) happier if she ___________ (have) more friends.

5. She _________ a novel on humanity. (write)

6. My dad, _____________ travels a lot on business, is in Australia at the moment.

7. Victoria rode the brown horse.

8. If we _________ (wait) here, we _________ (be) late.

9. Why did you bring your umbrella? __________ (it/rain) when you left home?

10. Is this the hotel _____________ you are staying for the tournament?

11. If I _______ (not / go) to bed early, I _______ (be) tired tomorrow.

12. My mother said, "Close you eye and open your hands."

13. Bob was sorry that he _____________ (tell) me the story.

14. If we __________________ (not / work) harder, we __________________ (not pass) the exam.

15. What ________ at the party last night?

16. If he __________(be) younger, he _________ (travel) more.

17. Have they noticed us?

18. Diana _______ her new jacket when she was climbing a tree.

19. We would come to dinner if we _________________ (have) time.

20. He said to me, "Where have you been?"

21. The sun __________ (shine) yesterday after it __________ (be) cold for many weeks.

22. If he ______ (play) sport, he will live longer.

23. Somebody loved that woman.

24. If we ________ (go) on holiday this summer, we ________ (go) to Spain.

25. Mum asked me why I ______________ (not tidy) up my room.