Енглески језик: Past Simple or Past Perfect – тест (8.р.)

Енглески језик: Past Simple or Past Perfect

Резултат теста

1. Dad __________ (drive) me home after I _________ (fall) into the water.

2. When we _____________ (arrive) at the station, the train had already left.

3. We _________ (eat) two Big Macs before we _________ (go) home.

4. The sun __________ (shine) yesterday after it __________ (be) cold for many weeks.

5. Last year Juan _____________ (pass) all his exams.

6. I _________ (not tell) my teacher that my mum _________ (help) me with my homework.

7. Before the police _________ (catch) the thief, he _________(steal) two more watches.

8. When I _______ (get) to the airport, I discovered I had forgotten my passport.

9. The bike ___________ (be) much more expensive than he _________ (think) at first.

10. Mum once ___________ (paint) a picture although she _________ (never, learn) it.

11. I _________ (be) very angry when I ___________ (see) that my brother ___________ (eat) my apple.

12. I opened my handbag to find that I ____________ (forget) my credit card.

13. I went to the library, then I _____________ (buy) some milk and went home.

14. Marion ___________(ask) me what __________ (happen) to me last week.

15. We had already eaten when John ______________ (come) home.

16. Uncle David ___________(go) to the doctor after he __________ (be) ill for a month.

17. We got home to find that someone ______________ (break) into the house.