Резултат теста

1. She _______ (not study) for the test right now. She __________ (watch) a movie.

2. I ______ (think) I can hear her. She _______ (talk) on the phone in her room.

3. I _______ (go) to a concert tonight. I _________ (go )to concerts very often because tickets are expensive.

4. My mother ________ (bake) a cake at the moment. She always ________ (do) this for my birthday.

5. Yesterday she ________ (tell) me that she _______ (not like) her flat, and that she was trying to find a new one.

6. He was crossing the street against red light yesterday when a car almost _________ (hit) him.

7. When I _______ (see) you yesterday, you were talking to a friend.

8. I ____________ (buy) a new laptop next week when I get my salary.

9. He ate the whole cake. He ______________ (feel) sick when he gets home.

10. It _________ (be) windy tomorrow, so we _________ (not go) to the beach.

11. They _______ (paint) our house tomorrow, so we ________ (be) out the whole day.

12. I usually _____ (see) my sister every day, but tomorrow I ______ (see) her because I am very busy.

13. Where ______________ (go) last night? I went out for dinner with my cousin.

14. What ________ you _________ (do) after you graduate from university?

15. Who usually (go) ________ grocery shopping in your family?

16. The tense that we use to talk about habits, routines, traditions, and facts is called

17. The tense that we use to talk about actions that are happening at the moment of speaking, or that are temporary is called __________.

18. The tense that we use to talk about completed past actions is called ________.

19. The tense that we use to predict future based on evidence and to talk about future plans and intentions.

20. The tense that we use to predict what our future will be like, to make premises and offers is ...