Quantifiers, Nouns, Articles

Quantifiers, Nouns, Articles

Резултат теста

1. I ate _____ candy. I have a stomachache now.

2. I moved here two months ago, and i am lucky to already have ______ friends.

3. There is ______ food in the refrigerator

4. In what kind of sentences do we avoid using much?

5. My teacher gave me ____________ advice on how to revise.

6. It's very crowded here. There are _____ tourists.

7. What verbs do we use after uncountable nouns?

8. What kind of noun is people?

9. The land is dry, and plants are dying. There was _____ rain this summer.

10. . There ___________ much traffic today.

11. Would you like ________ orange juice?

12. We've got ______ lively pictures from the last holiday.

13. What kind of noun is teeth?

14. This money ________ for you.

15. I am broke. I don't have _______ money.

16. I can do this on my own. I don't need ______ help.

17. What kind of noun is bread?

18. What kind of noun is furniture?

19. Is there ____________ telephone in this store?

20. There isn't ______ food in the house. We need to go grocery shopping.

21. I have only _____ knowledge of French, so I could't understand what he said.

22. There's ______ furniture in this room. There isn't any space left.

23. Please, pass _______ salt and pepper.

24. We have ______ chairs. Some people will have to stand the whole time.

25. How ______ cookies are there in the jar?

26. Do we have _____ homework for tomorrow?

27. How _____ cheese do you need for the pie?

28. Why didn't you finish your homework?

29. What kind of noun is advice?

30. What kind of noun is shelves?

31. This room is very dark. There's _______ sunlight in here.

32. Can i have ____ sugar for my tea, please?

33. There _______ enough eggs to make the cake.

34. I need ________ information about the assignment.

35. Do you have ____ digital camera? B: yes. But ____ camera is very old.