First and second conditional

First and second conditional

Резултат теста

1. What ____ if you found a dinosaur skeleton in your garden?

2. If you gave me some money, I ____ you with your homework.

3. If you opened google maps, I ____ you where I live.

4. What ____ the money on if she wins the competition?

5. How will you get home if it ____?

6. I would give her some advice if she _____ for it.

7. How ______ if you had no tongue?

8. If you didn't like my friends, I ____ you.

9. If you give me some money, I ____ you with your homework.

10. They ____ away if they were brave.

11. Tom would tell you all his secrets if you ____ his friend.

12. If you ____ my friends, I won't like you.

13. What would your dad do if he ____ you smoking cigarettes?

14. I will show you where I live if you ____ google maps.

15. What will you do if you ____ hungry?