Енглески језик: The Second Conditional – тест (8.р.)

Енглески језик: The Second Conditional

Резултат теста

1. If we __________(not / be) friends, I __________(be) angry with you.

2. She would pass the exam if she ______________ (study) more.

3. If you _____________ (have) a better job, we would be able to buy a new car.

4. We _____________ (buy) a house if we ___________ (decide) to stay here.

5. If we __________ (win) the lottery, we would travel the world.

6. We would come to dinner if we _________________ (have) time.

7. They ______________ (go) to Spain on holiday if they ____________ (like) hot weather.

8. If I _________________ (be) you, I _________________ (get) a new job.

9. If I ___________ (have) enough money, I ___________ (buy) a big house.

10. If she ___________ (not / be) always so late, she _________ (be) promoted.

11. She ____________ (be) happier if she ___________ (have) more friends.

12. If we _________________ (live) in Mexico, I would speak Spanish.

13. She would call him if she ____________ (know) his number.

14. If I ___________ (speak) perfect English, I would have a good job.

15. If he __________(be) younger, he _________ (travel) more.

16. If she _________________ (pass) the exam, she would be able to enter university.

17. They ___________ (have) more money if they __________ (not / buy) so many clothes.