Енглески језик: Изражавање будућности – тест (6.р.)

Енглески језик: Изражавање будућности ( Future Simple, Going to, Present Continuous)

Резултат теста

1. ________ married on Saturday at the local church.

2. I _______ tennis with Novak on Sunday.

3. I hope Tom ________ my phone.

4. He's driving too fast. He__________ an accident.

5. One day everybody _______ proper housing.

6. Oh no ! I forgot to take the map ! Don't worry. I _______ it.

7. I _______ with you if you like.

8. My elder son says he_________a doctor when he grows old.

9. All right, I ______ the bill.

10. I have bought a guitar and I _______to play it.

11. Look, that plane_________!

12. Future Simple Tense користимо за одлуке које доносимо у тренутку говора.

13. According to this time table a train_________at 3 o'clock.

14. Tomorrow __________a cold sunny day, according to forecast.

15. I can't do my homework tonight. I _______a movie.

16. Look! He _______ the plates.

17. When we are old, life ________easier.