Енглески језик: Иницијални тест (8.р.)

Енглески језик: Иницијални тест (8.р.)

Резултат теста

1. He said, "I like this song."

2. "Where is your sister?" she asked me.

3. "I don't speak Italian," she said.

4. Други кондиционал користимо кад год желимо нешто хипотетички (под претпоставком) да изразимо.

5. If I ___________ (have) enough money, I ___________ (buy) a big house.

6. If she ___________ (not / be) always so late, she _________ (be) promoted.

7. If she __________________ (have) her laptop with her, she __________________ (email) me.

8. If she __________________ (not go) to the meeting, I __________________ (not go) either.

9. We _____ a great time during the holidays.

10. What __________(you/do) this time last year?

11. I ___________ (still/sleep) when my wife left for work this morning.

12. Past Perfect је:

13. I asked Mr Green how many books he _____________(read).

14. John __________ to the wedding ceremony. (come)

15. She ______ a beautiful dress at the party. (wear)

16. You must obey the traffic rules.

17. Could Jenny lock the door?

18. Before the police _________ (catch) the thief, he _________(steal) two more watches.

19. Mum once ___________ (paint) a picture although she _________ (never, learn) it.

20. The bike ___________ (be) much more expensive than he _________ (think) at first.