Енглески језик: Indefinite pronouns – тест

Енглески језик: Indefinite pronouns

Резултат теста

1. We went ___________ this weekend. We stayed at home.

2. I gave the children __________ to eat because they were hungry.

3. _____________ was really friendly, all the managers and even the CEO.

4. Is there ________________ in the room?

5. She didn't bring ____________ to the party.

6. __________ is going really well and so I'm really happy.

7. A: What's wrong? B: ___________, I'm fine.

8. ___________ lives in that house. It's empty.

9. She doesn't want ________________ to help her.

10. She put __________in the box, all the things that she had.

11. She loves ___________. She's a really kind person.

12. I know ________ in this company. It's my first day.

13. They looked ___________ for the money. They looked in all the places in the house.

14. Would you like to go ____________this weekend? (I don't expect a particular answer.)

15. Did you go ____________ during the summer? (I don't know if you did or not.)

16. She wants to live ____________by the sea (in a certain place).

17. I must have left my keys _____________!