Енглески језик: Can/Could – тест (6.р.)

Енглески језик: Can/Could

Резултат теста

1. The man was very clever. He ___ solve any problem.

2. ______ you play the piano when you were seven?

3. I am a musician, so I _____ play the guitar.

4. He has a broken leg, so he ______ walk for a few hours.

5. I _______ sleep last night.

6. You ___ drive a car if you don't have a driving license.

7. You ___ drink alcohol in a school.

8. Yesterday we ______ play.

9. I ______ run very fast when I was younger.

10. ______you swim when you were young? (+)

11. Why are you crying? Is there something I ______ do for you?

12. Can/can't користимо када говоримо о способностима у садашњости.

13. It's snowing, so we _____ go out now.

14. You have a nice tricycle. _____ you ride it?

15. In 1910 people _____watch television.

16. He came as fast as he______.

17. We _______ go to the cinema last night. (-)

18. Penguins ______ swim very well.