The Future

The Future

Резултат теста

1. What would you like to drink? I .. have tea, please.

2. I'm ... a new swimsuit for the beach next week.

3. I... buy a new suit for the wedding this summer.

4. My brother's ... a musician when he's older.

5. Do you know Mark's ill in the hospital? Oh no! I... visit him tomorrow.

6. I'm sure you're... to have a great time in Paris.

7. Ben is .... tomorrow. Let's buy him a present.

8. Sarah and Grant are... a race next week.

9. I ... phone everybody and invite them to the party.

10. My bag's full. I...lots of clothes.

11. I...visit the Taj Mahal when I go to India next year.

12. What time are you... to my house?

13. How are you getting there? We're ... by car.

14. I'm.... really hard next year at school.

15. We ... walk up Mont Blanc this summer.

16. I'm ... tennis with Kate at four.

17. I .. try the new class at the sport centre. Tim says it's great.

18. What are you doing this evening? I'm not sure. I ... phone you later.

19. There isn't a bus. Shall we get a taxi? No, we ... walk. It's not far.

20. This skirt looks great, Amy. Does it? I think I... buy it then.