The Future

The Future

Резултат теста

1. I...visit the Taj Mahal when I go to India next year.

2. Ben is .... tomorrow. Let's buy him a present.

3. I'm ... tennis with Kate at four.

4. I .. try the new class at the sport centre. Tim says it's great.

5. What time are you... to my house?

6. What are you doing this evening? I'm not sure. I ... phone you later.

7. This skirt looks great, Amy. Does it? I think I... buy it then.

8. How are you getting there? We're ... by car.

9. I'm ... a new swimsuit for the beach next week.

10. I'm.... really hard next year at school.

11. My brother's ... a musician when he's older.

12. Do you know Mark's ill in the hospital? Oh no! I... visit him tomorrow.

13. I ... phone everybody and invite them to the party.

14. What would you like to drink? I .. have tea, please.

15. My bag's full. I...lots of clothes.

16. We ... walk up Mont Blanc this summer.

17. There isn't a bus. Shall we get a taxi? No, we ... walk. It's not far.

18. I'm sure you're... to have a great time in Paris.

19. I... buy a new suit for the wedding this summer.

20. Sarah and Grant are... a race next week.