First and second – Conditional (5.r.)

First and second – Conditional

Резултат теста

1. I _________ (not be) so broke . if I _____ (spend) a little less on going out.

2. He __________ (be) more popular if he ___________ (respect) us.

3. ?

4. ?

5. ?

6. If he (get) ______up earlier, he'd get to work on time.

7. . If I ______ (go) to bed earlier, I __________ (not be) so tired all the time.

8. If we hurry, ______ (catch) the earlier train. It leaves in the minutes.

9. Maybe if I _________ (share) an apartment with friends, I _________ (get along) better with my parents.

10. Mark is not a very popular boss because he doesn’t respect us. He is not honest, so we don’t trust him. He isn’t efficient because he’s so disorganized. Most people don’t work hard because he gives raises to people he likes, not to people who work hard. He doesn’t answer questions clearly, so we don’t understand him. He has a lot of meetings that last past working hours, so we can’t go home on time. He gets angry for no reason, so everyone is afraid of him. He confuses us because he changes his mind a lot. We are not happy because he isn’t a good boss. In fact, he is a terrible boss. (Choose the false statement about Mark and the employees)