Енглески језик:The Past Simple Tense – тест (7.р.)

Енглески језик:The Past Simple Tense

Резултат теста

1. She _________________ (sell) her house last year.

2. She __________(read) the newspaper yesterday.

3. Који прилози најчешће иду уз Past Simple?

4. I _________(meet) John at the weekend.

5. Past Simple користимо да опишемо радње које су се десиле и завршиле у прошлости.

6. She __________ (get) a new bike for her birthday.

7. What time ___________ (the film / start)?

8. She _______ (wait) for her friend's letter.

9. The Past Simple Tense je:

10. Outside, Jane _______ (zip) her coat against the fall chill.

11. He _________ (have) a shower.

12. Oh no, mom ______ (cook) broccoli for lunch again.

13. We __________ (make) a cake, it was delicious.

14. За прављење упитних и негативних реченица користимо глагол DID.

15. I ________ (be) there.

16. ______ you ______ (hear) that strange noise?

17. I __________ (think) my football team would win.

18. It __________(take) three hours to drive to Paris.

19. We _______ (drive) all the way from Portland to Sacramento.

20. When I _______ (be) in school, I sang in the choir.