Енглески језик: Иницијални тест (7.р.)

Енглески језик: Иницијални тест (7.р.)

Резултат теста

1. According to this time table a train_________at 3 o'clock.

2. I have eaten a hamburger.

3. If I _____ (sneeze), I will throw my tissue in the trash.

4. I ___________ (still/sleep) when my wife left for work this morning.

5. Jane will buy a new computer.

6. Her mom _______ art. She is now retired.

7. Look! That man _______ (run) after the bus.

8. We were watching a movie.

9. Look, that plane_________!

10. She planned their trip to Greece very _______.

11. “I was sleeping when Julie called.”

12. Које све кључне речи углавном стоје уз Past Continuous Tense?

13. It started snowing while I ________ (drive) to work.

14. He ______ part in several photography competitions.

15. I love the sea. I _________ (probably, go) to Greece next summer.

16. Roberto _____ in a band.

17. If you __________ (get) back late, I _________ (be) angry.

18. Where's Jim? He _______ (watch) TV in his room.

19. He plays the guitar ______.

20. What _____ you ______ now?

21. She didn't bring ____________ to the party.

22. I ______ (call) you last night, but you _______ (not answer) the phone.

23. I have _______ water left. There's enough to share.

24. They ______ in the country, but now they live in the city.

25. _________ to Australia?

26. What music _______ to like when you were a child?