Present simple

Present simple

Резултат теста

1. Choose the correct option for this sentence: She _________________ play the violin

2. Complete the sentence They _____________ to the supermarket every Saturdays

3. Say if this sentence is correct or incorrect He don’t play basketball

4. Add -s, -es or -ies to the following verb Cry

5. Choose the correct option What ___________ she play?

6. Choose the correct option __________ she buy in the supermarket? Yes, she ___________

7. When __________ she practise?

8. Is this sentence correct or incorrect? They walks to school every day

9. They ________________ play at home, they play in the school

10. She ___________ with her grandma on Sundays

11. He _______________ TV on Saturdays and Sundays

12. Paul ___________ to USA every year

13. Paul and Earvin _____________ volleyball every day

14. Choose the correct structure for the following answer They practise EVERY DAY . ____________ do they _______________ ?

15. Choose the correct answer for this question Where does he perform? He ________________ in the sport hall

16. Add -s, -es or -íes to the following verb watch

17. True or false We use do / does in QUESTIONS and NEGATIVE statements

18. Choose the correct option Where ____________ she perform? She ________________ at school

19. Add -s, -es or - íes to the following verb Pass