Енглески језик: Time adverbs (Present Perfect) – тест

Енглески језик: Time adverbs (Present Perfect)

Резултат теста

1. We have known each other _____ a long time.

2. I have ______ been there many times. Lets go somewhere different.

3. Has your father _____ tried para-gliding?

4. Have you finished doing your homework ______ ?

5. I am _____ having lunch. I will call you later.

6. Have you _____ been to Istanbul?

7. I have ______ had breakfast. Thanks anyway.

8. This is the first time I have ______ tried Mexican food.

9. I have known Martha _____ about two months.

10. We haven't learnt passive voice ______.

11. Have you seen any good films _____?

12. I have lived in California _____ I was born.

13. She hasn't eaten anything ______ ten hours.

14. Has you father ______ eaten raw fish?

15. You’ve ______ missed Nazan! She was here a few minutes ago.

16. I have ______ seen your brother. You may catch him if you run.

17. He has been sitting on the couch ______ 3 hours.